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Stillhouse Lake - Rachel Caine

OMG!! I have just finished reading this book about 20 minutes ago and my heart is still pounding out of my chest. A woman (Gina/Gwen) with two children, ages 14 and 11, on the constant run from her ex (Mel Royal, a serial killer with a sick following who is reaching out from jail to find her), the victim's families (who want to see her blood) and the ever increasing psycho's who think she helped her husband in killing these women who are constantly chatting and leaving messages about where she has been seen last. Together with their constant bantering about what should be done with to her, keeps Gina/Gwen on her toes and on a constant run with her children.

It's been 4 years that she has been on the run and no one has really got very close to her. She's not letting her guard down. She's found a place on a lake and thinks that maybe this time they can stop and breathe for a while. She secures the house with alarms and cameras. The house has an extra bonus of a panic room. Her children are highly aware of the constant vigilance they must assume. Although, they are really getting tired of it. No social media, no smartphones, really no friends and on the constant move.

But, are they really safe? 

Even though, like I said, my heart is still pounding and did for most of this book, (this may not be the book for those with weak tickers) I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book. I hardly even lifted my head up while reading this book. I could not! It was so intense!

Naturally, this is one you don't want to start or even be half way through late in the evening, unless your job will let you call in "dead tired" because this book will keep you up!

I received this book from Amazon as a bonus for being a prime member. It was considered my free book of the month for June.