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The Man Who Loved Too Much - Book 1: Archipelago - John Rachel, Cassandra Nutterknoll, Archimedes Delusio III

Billy Green certainly had an interesting life growing up which is what this book is about. Taking Billy from about the age of four until almost his junior year in college. His mother doted on him and his father was absolutely horrible to him. I could not believe some of the things that man said to Billy.

Billy was certainly funny in his ways of looking at things. I really enjoyed reading about Billy. There were a few times when it slowed down and I had to skip a few pages. However, for the most part, this was a very entertaining read. The descriptions and phrases used were hilarious at times. I pretty much sped through the pages, laughing most of the way, until Billy got to college and met Natalie. Then it sort of became redundant and rather lackluster. The ending . . .

Yeah, that's about it was. Then I realized there are more Billy books. If the rest of his time with Natalie is as unexciting as it was in this book, I don't think I have the desire to carry on. However, until that point, I was a huge Billy fan.

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