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In Farleigh Field - Rhys Bowen

This was a great book with neighbors hiding secrets from other neighbors. Friends hiding secrets from other friends. Even family members hiding secrets from other family members. War is all around, the Germans are bombing all over London. People with puzzle solving experience are needed and kept from others, told to keep their jobs a secret from everyone. They are trying to break any coded messages they intercept from the Germans. English POW's are coerced into being German spies and sent back home to relay messages and information to German officials.

All this is going on and right in the center of all this is Farleigh Field. Home of Lord Westerham, his wife and five daughters. The book centers on his family, his neighbors and close friends of his family.

I found this book highly entertaining and I thoroughly enjoyed it. The mission to find the spy which the man in the parachute that didn't open led to a lot of suspects which just kept me guessing. I could have kept on guessing for days, because I wasn't even close. Ha!