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Christodora: A Novel - Tim Murphy


What a journey I have just been on while reading this book. A journey that spanned over 40 years and introduced me to many of the people who lived in a building called the Christodora. It's amazing how the author intertwined their lives in and out those 40 years.

A lot of the book dealt with AIDS and drugs. It really delves into the issues of why it took so long to come up with a cure and why the disease wasn't recognized. And what people had to go through before it became so. I remember this time somewhat. I was pregnant in 1988 and one of my very good friends had AIDS. He was dying and I could not go see him to tell him goodbye. No one knew a lot about this disease and I could not subject my unborn child to it. It still tears me apart.

It also dealt with the issues of drugs becoming commonplace in the 1980's and how talented and intelligent people can willing use and accept them to "escape".

Actually, there are so many other issues that this book dealt with as well. I just know that I spent a whole day with these characters and I was mesmerized. I could not put the book down. I was so sad when it ended. I was not ready to say goodbye to these people. I knew these people, They had become a part of my life. My emotions for some of them changed so many times during my journey.

I just can't say it enough how much I enjoyed reading and spending the day with this book. I highly recommend it. It was wonderfully written and it really appealed to me in so many ways.

Thanks Grove Atlantic and Net Galley for the free e-galley in exchange for an honest review.