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The Secret to Hummingbird Cake - Celeste Fletcher McHale

#THESECRETTOHUMMINGBIRDCAKE  AVAILABLE NOW!  5 STARS!!!  @FletcherMcHale  @ThomasNelson  This was a great story about three best friends who grew up together. One would decide the crazy stunt they'd do, one would say "okay when" and the other one would say "oh, no, not again and follow them and try to keep them out of trouble". They were hilarious together. They would say just what they though and felt and because they had known each other for so long, no ones feelings would get hurt. I laughed continuously throughout this book.

Then, life caught up with one of them and offered them a real hard knock. Stage four cancer. It was interesting how the girls went through this process and how each handled it in their own way.

I just loved this book!! I laughed, laughed some more, cried, laughed again, cried and repeated the process all over again. Never once wanting to put it down even at the end.

Thanks to Fiction Guild and to Thomas Nelson for sending me a copy of this book hoping I would read and review it. Special thanks for the Hummingbird Cake recipe, it sounds deelish!