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The Sound of Murder (An Ivy Meadows Mystery Book 2) - Cindy Brown
4.5 stars!  #SoundofMurder  @friendlybrown  @HeneryPress

This was my second book in the Ivy Meadows series. I can tell that the author is definitely getting into her Ivy groove. This one flowed so much better than the first one. I really liked it a WHOLE lot better!

It was a very entertaining and a fun, fun, fun read. I laughed out loud several times. Who would have thought of using duct tape as strapless bra holders? Ha!!!

The characters were quite amusing and some were down right quirky. And some you would just like to strangle (you know who you are Bitsy!). I truly thought the military dude did it, unfortunately, I was wrong. As usual, but that's a good thing. Who really wants to know who did it? That's not a good book. Duh!

Thanks to Henery Press (they have the best authors) and Net Galley for providing me with this free e-galley in exchange for an honest review. I thoroughly and sincerely recommend this book!