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The Contractors - Harry Hunsicker

This was my first book book by Harry Hunsicker. I mostly picked it up because of the fact that most of the action took place in Texas. I'm not really into spy/thriller books that take place overseas since I'm not that familiar with them. However, this one, I was somewhat familiar with several of the locales and that helped make it more interesting to me.

First of all, I don't ever want to be caught in a dark alley with Piper, although I do like how the author gave her a human like quality with the orphans that did seem to make her more likable, if she was on your side.

The story, for the most part, was pretty fast paced, but I had a little trouble at first figuring out who was with who and just exactly who the good guys were. It came down to the fact that there weren't that many good guys. The story was pretty much believable and with so many lies, you never knew which side anybody was on at a certain time. One character traded sides faster than her Spanish language, which for me goes pretty fast when you don't understand it.

I still don't get why they blew up the highway and then didn't wait around for them unless of course he was scared his girlfriend would become collateral damage.

Anyways, there were some slow parts but for the most part, it was pure action. These people were always running from bad guys and they had a not only a lot of them after them, but they were with different groups. That made it that much harder to try and get away.

And Sophie? Ummmm, a definite sick stereotype of a preacher's daughter.

I would like to thank Amazon Publishing and Net Galley for allowing me the privilege to read and review this entertaining e-galley. I still have two more left in the series due before the end of August, so we will see if I'm still a fan of Harry Hunsicker. HA!