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Do This For Me - Eliza Kennedy

This book starts out with Raney Moore discovering that her "Bug Doctor" husband has been cheating on her. She finds this out through the adulterous' husband calling her and telling her to tell her husband "to quit effing my wife". This occurs while her husband is currently in LA with his TV producer (the adulterous) for a book signing.

Raney, a high priced attorney, quickly goes into damage control. She cancels all of his credit cards, packs up all of his stuff (and sends it to his mother in Vermont), packs up the rest of the house, moves it and her daughters to the family home she grew up in and puts up the house for sale all in the same day.

She further lets him know how she feels by having her IT guy hack into his Twitter account so she can put up some not so nice tweets on his account and donates a large sum of money to three foundations that go against his policies, charging them on his American Express. She further tries to ruin his day and give her more time, by cancelling his plane flight or somehow redirecting him, has his car towed out of long term parking and has his plane met by a group of clowns with a videographer.

Raney is not a happy woman. Ha!!

The rest of the book follows Raney with her madcap ideas and what to do now that she is "free".

I loved this book filled with humor, sorrow, misunderstanding and understanding.

Thanks to Crown Publishing and Net Galley for providing me with a free e-galley in exchange for a honest, unbiased review.