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Robert B. Parker's Old Black Magic - Ace Atkins

4.5 Stars

Three precious works of art were stolen from the Winthrop Museum in Boston and never recovered. It's now 20 years later and the statute of limitations is up. Now, someone wants to sell these works of art. Who has them and what's the mystery behind all of this?

I loved this book. I never read Robert Parker before (I know, my loss), however, this is the second book using his PI Spenser character written by Ace Atkins. I love the nostalgia of these books seeming like an old time PI noir. There was so much nostalgia written in, such as, "Jonathan Winters doing Maude Frickert". I remember the character but not the name. So, a little bit more trivia to add to this brain of mine. HA!!

The strange adages throughout were hilarious. "My new coffeemaker spit out the coffee faster than Usain Bolt in the hundred meter". These were used over and over again and truly added to my reading enjoyment while giving a sense of humor to the book.

Spenser is racing all over the place to try to find these works of art, behind him a trail of death is left, but not by Spenser. Someone is out to kill anyone with any knowledge of these paintings. And Spenser is under a deadline due to the museum hiring some British PI who was certainly most annoying. His biggest part in the finding of anything was following Spenser. (rolling of eyes). Ha!!

An excellent read that I just sped through and enjoyed every minute.

Huge thanks to Penguin Group Putnam and Net Galley for providing me with a free e-galley in exchange for an honest, unbiased review.