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The High Tide Club - Mary Kay Andrews

Ahhh, just finished yet another great MKA book. Looking for a good, fun book? You can't go wrong with MKA!!

This one was a little different than her most recent books. If you've been an MKA fan in the past, then you know she started out as a mystery writer and then went onto rom com/women's fiction. In this one, there are several mysteries to be solved. The biggest one being who killed Russell Strickland? Now, while I was very interested in who this could be it certainly wasn't because I felt anything but loathing for this man. I was just curious who on the island could have done it. My favorite part in the whole book? When someone, (oh, your not hearing who from me) showed Russell "what a good shot they were". I LOVED that line. 

The story starts with four friends right before the start of World War II. It goes back from 1941 and forth to present day. In present day, one of the 4 friends knows that she is dying and wants to look up these women before she passes. Brooke Trappnell is the lawyer she insists must do her biding. What Brook doesn't know is that she is getting more than what she bargained for with this elder, cantankerous woman. Josephine Bettendorf Warrick summons her and without any explanation as to what she is wanting tells her to be at her home on a remote island nearby. This home sets on 12,000 acres and has not had anything done other than minor repairs since 1966. The history in this house is magnificent.

While Brooke gets more than she bargained for, the story is very engaging, entertaining and downright laugh out loud funny at times. Also for your added enjoyment is some suspense with a lot of mystery involved.

I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book and, as usual, sped right through it. Any of MKA's books would make a GREAT beach read.

Thanks both to Erica Martirano and Jordon Hanley from St. Martin's Press, as well as the publisher, St. Martin's Press, for providing me an advanced reader in exchange for an honest, unbiased review. I LOVED IT!!!!