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The Sixth Day (A Brit in the FBI) - Catherine Coulter, J.T. Ellison

Drones? Very old manuscript? Bitcoins? Vlad Dracul? Trained falcons? Bram Stoker? Political figures mysteriously dying daily on a daily basis?

What the heck? How do all these tie in together you ask? Well, just leave it to Catherine Coulter and J. T. Ellison. They absolutely had and have the knack to do so while keeping you on your toes with your pulse racing and your heart beating right out of your chest.

This is definitely a duo that when I see their names together, I am immediately raising my hand to sign me for their reads. As usual, this one did not fail to disappoint. Psychotic villains who went way above and beyond the "what if" scary factor.

This book had me racing through it. The action is non stop and believable (scary!!). I loved how hemophilia and Dracula were able to come together in this unputdownable read. I especially loved the little bit about Bram Stoker - genius!

Grossest part? "He gave her a chicken neck from his pocket." OMG, I could literally smell that rancid thing and even now, I am still getting a little nauseous.

While only my second book in the series, I look forward to more and hopefully find time to go back and read the others.

Excellent read that I read in one sitting.

Kudos to the authors and thanks to Gallery, Pocket Threshold Books and Net Galley for providing me with a free e-galley in exchange for an honest, unbiased review.