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The Only Girl in the World: A Memoir - Maude Julien, Adriana Hunter
Wow!! This poor girl!! I felt so sorry for her.

A psycho father who adopted a six year old girl, raised her, married her when she was of age and had a daughter with her. This book is the story of the childhood of that daughter, Maude.

This girl's home life was crazy. She spent years never leaving her house or yard (one that was totally blocked in for the most part, she couldn't see out, no one could see in). She was home schooled and told so many lies. Her father, who was a legend in his own mind, had some imaginative ways in which to raise a child. The biggest lesson that her father wanted to teach her was "to trust no one" and that there was a slew of kidnappings and that Maude, herself, had to be very careful since they were a well off family.

While reading this book, I seriously could not believe that it was not fiction. This guy's ego was so huge I'm surprised that it fit with two other people in that house.

This was definitely a great story which held my interest throughout the early years of Maude's life. The father's reasons which he gave to Maude as to why he did things was incredible. This was truly a man who need to be hanging by his balls.

Thankfully Maude got out of there and is happy with two daughters.

Thanks to Little, Brown and Company and Net Galley for providing me with a free e-galley in exchange for an honest, unbiased review.