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All the Wicked Girls - Chris Whitaker

There was a lot of sadness in this book. The character development was excellent. I saw them as real people and felt many emotions for them.

A story that takes place in a very small town where pretty much everyone knows each other or have heard of each other through the gossip that runs rampant in many small towns. And, like many small towns, the local police force usually has a police chief that has seen enough and should be retired, but in this book, the chief just keeps hanging on. Drinking the days away, hating his job, and his self.

When a couple of young girls start disappearing, the police chief figures that they are just runaways itching to get out of a small town and onto the big city. However, when several more young girls start disappearing the chief knows there is a big problem. 

When Summer Ryan disappears, she takes a bag and leaves a note. Her sister, Raine, is determined to find her sister and bring her home. She is a different kind of girl, so unlike her sister. She is quiet and reads a lot and does not really hang with anyone. Although she does go to church. Raine is the total opposite. Raine is promiscuous, wild, carries a knife and knows how to shoot a gun.

Raine is determined that her sister did not run away and she is hellbent to find her. She enlists the help of Noah and Purv. Noah and Purv have their own difficulties and definitely elicited much empathy from me.

I think, for me, overall this book was pretty good. However, I sometimes glazed over during the talk of the "cloud" over Grace and the "wall" that bordered it. That led me to skipping a few pages here and there which did not hold my attention.

Thanks to Bonnier Zaffre and Net Galley for providing me with a free e-galley in exchange for an honest, unbiased review.