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The Golden House: A Novel - Salman Rushdie
I had never read a Salman Rushdie book before, but I had heard of him and what a good writer he was. So. . . I was pretty excited when I requested and received this book. 

That excitement lasted until I started reading it. It was just so tedious. And, yawn. . . boring.

There were numerous times when the narrator of this story would say the same things over and over again. Using different words, of course. I would be reading thinking surely there's been enough talk describing something with the Golden family and then several pages later it would be said again, paragraphs of content with different wording.

The narrator kept promising that "the story" will be coming. Well, after 60% into this story, I said "wow, I don't have to read all of this". I rarely like to abandon books because I feel so bad in doing so. But this one, I could not take it anymore. Not sure if this the writer's typical style, something that did not appeal to me either, or if it's different. 

I do appreciate, however, that Random House and Net Galley provided me with a free e-galley in exchange for an honest, unbiased review.