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Hush Money: A Novel (Hush Money Mystery) - T. E. Woods
I love T.E. Woods' "The Fixer" books and was sad when The Fixer decided to get out of the life of fixing. That girl was AWESOME! I wondered what would come next in in T.E. Woods' world and now I know. I loved this book. 

I loved the locale, Madison, WI is a beautiful city and I loved the main character, Sydney Richardson. A woman with a lot of issues of abandonment and a huge heart. During opening night of her "two", yes not just one, restaurants the Mayor is murdered. His wife had to be driven home in a taxi, so she can't be the suspect. However, one of Sydney's new employees, Wanda Fields, is a no show for work. There is no phone call or a replacement found. 

Wanda Fields, with no restaurant experience at all, tugged on Sydney's heartstrings with her status as a single mother. Sydney hired her right away. Now, Wanda is the main suspect in the Mayor's murder.

Sydney comes to the rescue with money for a lawyer, bail and a babysitter for her young daughter. She is bound and determined who killed the mayor because she knows Wanda did not do it.

A great story with not really a lot of suspects. There is no clue that there was anyone in that house besides the mayor and Wanda. However, some shady actions behind the scenes provide quite a few suspects. A fact I was happy to see because I really liked Wanda, as well.

The jaw dropping ending reiterated the fact why T.E. Woods is one author that I request her books without even reading the description!

Huge thanks to Random House/Alibi and Net Galley for providing me with a free e-galley in exchange for an honest, unbiased review.