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Before You Were Mine - Em Muslin

Well, I haven't gone back to this book since I left it on May 1, 1917 after making it through 34%.

I keep looking at it on my currently reading list and I just can't seem to want to pick it back up.

The blurb hints at even crazier things that Eli does when she meets a woman who she thinks is the newborn daughter she had to give up over 30 years ago. I have already seen a lot of crazy and frankly, I just could not get into this character.

As much as it kills me, because I hate to leave a book unfinished, I am going to have to close the cover on this one. It just isn't for me.

Thanks to HQ Digital and Net Galley for approving and providing me with a free e-galley in exchange for an honest, unbiased review.