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Blackout: A Novel - Marc Elsberg
Wow, what a sensational read this was. All the power has gone out in Europe. The author provides you a first hand look at what that actually means. The shortage of things that you wouldn't even think about happens. Food supplies, toilet backups due to sewers drying out, meat supplies short for years because of all the deaths of the livestock, and nuclear plants overheating causing widespread damage that will be a factor for decades. Truly, eye opening.

Then you have the action, and I do mean action - a lot of it, of the governments and one ex-hacker who thinks like the terrorists and starts to figure things out. Of course, the governments think he is part of the scheme and are after him. And, the terrorists are not happy that he is figuring things out. This poor man is running, he's not safe anywhere. He's shot, put in prison, chased and never given a moments rest.

This book was so full of action and I was certainly entertained and very glad that I believed the hype and requested this book. It was definitely worth my 8 or 9 hours it took to read it. Which is another good selling point. I think if a book keeps you entertained for that long, definitely a good buy!

Thanks to Sourcebooks Landmark for approving my request and to Net Galley for providing me with a free e-galley in exchange for an honest, unbiased review.