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New Boy (Hogarth Shakespeare) - Tracy Chevalier

This whole story takes place in a suburban Washington schoolyard during O's first day at his new school. The characters all come from the two sixth grade classes that attend the school. It is amazing what can happen all in one day. These kids can start to "go together" in the morning and break up by lunch.

What takes place in that schoolyard is shocking, more than likely realistic and can leave you with your head shaking. I read this book and found myself talking to these characters. It was unbelievable some of the things that were going on. The experiment with telling a story in a circle secretly to the person next to you and how it gets turned around at the end of the circle is a HUGE part of this book. I was amazed that these characters were falling for some of the crap, but then they were just sixth graders.

This was a very heart wrenching book that definitely left me feeling some genuine strong emotions. Because of the nature of the story, I hate to really call it entertaining. However, it was a good read and I was glad I got the chance to do so.

Thanks to Crown Publishing and Net Galley for approving and allowing me to read and review this book. And, the whole story took place in just one day. SMH.