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Texas Dakota - Lorcan Kavanagh

Brolin Walker is on a mission. His mother-in-law has asked him to go from small town Texas to Devil's Lake, Dakota to return his stepson's body. She has received a ransom note for it, she wants it and she's going to pay the money.

His visit to Devil's Lake is one mystery after another. He receives mixed signals, different answers and at first is just told to "go home".

Brolin is on a mission, he may be getting the run around, he knows there is something going on, and even though he is threatened and told to leave Devil's Lake, he stays. He's not leaving without his stepson's body.

Brolin is on a mission. He stays around and keeps looking and asking questions. He's been beat up, been picked up and told he was going to see the body, but was beat up and left in the woods. Still he stays.

Brolin is on a mission. The things he discovers are liars, drug addicts, killers, drug kingpins and violent hitmen. His search is endless, because he is not giving up.

Brolin is on a mission. The things Brolin goes through will test the will of any man. But, Brolin is on a mission.

A great read, mesmerizing, unputtdownable, and action packed. I kept thinking this more guy needs to give it up, but. . .
Brolin is on a mission.

Thanks to Crooked Cat Publishing and Net Galley for approving and allowing me to read and review this fantastic story of Brolin's journey.