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Sunbaked (Pineapple Cay Stories) - Junie Coffey

Why sure everyone suffering through a divorce does some silly things. Nina, after a few glasses of wine, decides that she's had it with winter and goes online. She finds the cutest little cottage on Pineapple Bay (pictures and all) and at 2:00 in the morning, she buys it. Seriously cheesy, right? As I roll my eyes at the beginning of the book, thinking "this is going to be a long one".

Well, I was wrong. I loved this book. I want to move to Pineapple Bay and buy myself a "Miss Rose" cottage. Nina's hooks up with a whole cast of quirky, fun characters while living there. And if you think that first scene was cheesy, wait until you meet Danish. He's the mailman, part-time bartender and yoga instructor of the island. He also reminds me of one of the Wayne's World guys.

There's also a plot twist with a missing museum quality emerald necklace missing that the whole island talking. Oh yeah, there is a witch that was wearing the necklace while it was stolen. She was also kidnapped.

A fun in the sun, tropical frolic great for a beach read or even a chilly winter night. Be careful though, you may find yourself on the internet at 2:00 a.m. searching for your own cottage.

A cheesiest fun and entertaining read I enjoyed thanks to Lake Union Publishing and Net Galley.