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Quicksand - Malin Persson Giolito

I was so excited to hear that I won this book from Book Reporter. It was an amazing read. An accounting of Maja who was the girlfriend of a high school student (Sebastian) who was the main shooter involved in a school shooting. As Sebastian's girlfriend, Maja was considered his accomplice. She was suspected of killing Amanda (her best friend) and Sebastian.

The book tells of the relationship between Maja and Sebastian and Maja and Amanda prior to the school shooting. It is an in depth story of how much Sebastian changed over the time that Maja and him spent together. Maja really expresses all of her feelings about Sebastian, the shooting, Amanda, her time in jail, her lawyers, the judges, her parents, her classmates, Sebastian's dad and the prosecutor.

I found it to be an amazing read and sped through the book very easily. I really felt sorry for Maja as I felt that she had to do things that she really didn't have to do. The responsibility that she was put under was way too much for someone her age.

I would like to thank Book Reporter for pulling my name out of the hat and allowing me to read this outstanding book. I would definitely recommend it.