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Executive Order (Reeder and Rogers Thriller) - Max Allan Collins

Action? You want action? This book starts out with four of the top CIA agents in an area between two countries unknown to them that they are about to start a war. They can see tanks and other military vehicles from both countries on either side of them. However they are just sitting there. All of a sudden they start moving towards the agents and then Russian paratroopers start descending from the skies above. The war is starting and the agents are caught in the middle. They are, of course, caught in the middle and killed. No one in America knows that they are there. The head of the CIA does not know they are there. They president has ordered that no one should be there. Why are they there? No one seems to know. What is going on.

The Secretary of the Interior is suddenly dead. She has ate a sandwich that has sesame in it. She's allergic to sesame. Is it murder or just a coincidence?

This just the start of what's going on in this book. The president calls in Joe Reeder to help figure out what exactly is going on.

The action only picks up from here.

This is a book you definitely don't want to start reading at bedtime. I had to stop reading the book right in the middle of the best part and I was not happy. I went back and started again just so I could get my heart pumping and into it. Because, believe me, that's exactly what happened when I was reading this book.

I read number 2 in the series of this book and just like this book found it outstanding. A great read that I did not want to put down. The pages just by. The action was continuous. I was so into this book. While the ending did tie up everything, I still did not want it to end.

The characters of Reeder and Rogers are very likeable. They work well together and their relationship is more like brother and sister. I like that. The author did a great job with all the action that was going on in the book and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Thanks to Thomas & Mercer for approving my request and to Net Galley for providing me with a free e-galley in exchange for an honest unbiased review.