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Bitter Harvest - Wendy Tyson

This is the second in the series of Wendy Tyson's greenhouse series and the mysteries of Megan's background is till unfolding as one plot. A lot of suspense and secrets involved in this one.

The main plot of the book is that it's October and the town of Winsome is holding an Octoberfest. There is major contention in that most of the townsfolk are not happy with the farm picked to be the major sponsor for the event. The farm picked gets a lot of free publicity. Seeing as this is an event that is supposed to be helping out the little farmers and the biggest farmer becomes the sponsor. The whole town is seeing red.

Not only that, several people on the committee are turning up either dead or missing. What's going on in Winsome?

A fun, entertaining and enjoyable read. This one becomes pretty sinister just for a little advertising or is that all that's going on in the little town of Winsome?

Thanks to Henery Press for approving my request and to Net Galley for providing me with a free e-galley in exchange for an honest review.