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The Hideaway - Lauren K. Denton

I just loved this story. Sara's grandmother, Mags, dies and Sara must leave New Orleans and go back to Sweet Bay, Alabama to the home where she grew up. This isn't just any home. It's an old B&B where Mags has let all her friends come and live with her. It's filled with people Sara has known most of her life.

Sara finds out that it is her grandmother's last wish that she renovate the old house and either make it a new B&B and live there or sell it. Sara is determined to sell. Her life is in New Orleans where she has a boutique business, friends and Mitch.

However, while renovating Sara finds an old box and secrets about her grandmother she did not know. There is the matter of a land developer trying to buy her grandmother's property and trying to turn it into condos and a tourist trap. And then, there is also the matter of the construction supervisor who has been in charge of the renovation who has been spending a lot of time at her place. Is there something there? Surely, she can trust her helper to run the store in New Orleans, can't she?

This story was so rich in southern history and family folklore. I just loved the character Mags. I wanted her to be my grandmother. And her one big secret - it's sad it had to be such a secret for so long. This was such a feel good story. I just loved it.

Huge thanks to Thomas Nelson for approving my request and to Net Galley for providing me with a free e-galley in exchange for an honest review.