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Prussian Blue (A Bernie Gunther Novel) - Philip Kerr

This was a really, really long book and I LOVED it!! I think this is my second Bernie Gunther book and I'm wondering why? I know I'm late jumping on this bandwagon, like really late.

As for its length, I know if I'm buying a book and spending $30, I don't want to be done with it in a few hours. I want it to last. This one does that.

Also, this one was about WWII, right before WWII. It takes place in Bavaria during the week before Hitler's big birthday celebration in a town that was all about him. Which was a few months before Germany invaded Poland. And real German bigwigs names were used. It even tells you at the end of the book the crimes they committed, if they served time and when they died. These people were not nice.

The book goes back and forth from that week to after the war to around 1956. When Bernie is tracked down and they need his services again to kill an English agent.

Lots of intrigue, secrets, crimes, lack of ethics, typical German palm greasing and backstabbing run rampant in this book. And, of course, Gunther's humor.

An awesome read and I've got some back reading to catch up on.

Huge thanks to Penguin Group Putnam for approving my request and to Net Galley for providing me with a free e-galley in exchange for an honest review.