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I See You - Clare Mackintosh

This was definitely a contender for every author's nightmare of trying to write a second book after having written a smash bestseller as their first book. That being said, there are a lot of authors out there who wish their first book was half as good as this book.

I think as a reader, my expectations were so enormous and the pedestal so high, that I was expected to be wowed on every page. Yet, when I think back to to I Let You Go, there was quite the build up in that book as well.

This book took a little longer to build up. I think there were quite a few more plot twists going on in this one. However, when the book did take off, I don't think there was one character in the book that I didn't take at least 10 or 20 seconds to ponder hmm "Are they the suspect?" That made it well worth the $$$ for me.

I do have to say I was amazed when I purchased this book last night and checked out the ratings - the book just went on sale today - there were already 6200 reviews. Tell me this wasn't a highly anticipated book.