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The Paris Wife - Paula McLain
While I've never read a Hemingway book, I've always heard that he drank a lot and could be a hard man to get along with. I have seen his house in Key West and saw some of the bars he supposedly hung out in. I was rather taken back in the size of his house there. However, after reading this book, it was at a time when he wasn't as well known. So that explains that.

I did learn a lot about Hemingway that I did not know and also his friends. From this book, I went back and forth on liking him. I atrociously detest what he and Pauline did to Hadley. I was also appalled at the behavior of some of their friends, especially the Fitzgeralds.

I did enjoy going back in history and learning more about Hadley and her relationship with Hemingway. As I said, I didn't know much about him and I found it fascinating to learn about them. This was a very entertaining and interesting book. I'm going to have to find a copy of "The Sun Also Rises" and see if it's true that he did write it for Bumby and Hadley.

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