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The Secrets We Keep - Deb Loughead

This is definitely a YA book. However, it's not too juvenile to be considered an adult book as well.

A large group of teens go for a summer party to a nearby quarry. One of the teens, Kit, is a little slow, but most of the teens have grown up with him and try to look out for him. However on this night, several of the teens are engrossed in other things and forget about Kit and his slowness. Kit doesn't come home that night. They find him the next day, drowned in the quarry.

Due to the death, several kids think that it's their fault and they keep this information to themselves.
Because of that, there a few kids that take advantage of this. There are, of course, several kids who feel really bad about this. Since no one is talking though, no one realizes what really happened. Some of them after four months start talking. Suddenly, for some a new picture starts to come into focus.

While sad, this was a good book. I think it's definitely a good book for YA. There's a lot of lessons to be learned here, but not in a preaching way. And the lessons are more than just owning up to what happened that night. The story touches on a need for cell phone time limits (for the whole family), abusive boyfriends, lying to parents and much more. Hands down, I would recommend this for all YA and it's also a decent book for adults.

Huge thanks to Dundurn for approving me and for providing me with a copy of the book to read and review.