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The Hollywood Daughter - Kate Alcott

This was a story about glamour, gossip, scandal, Old Hollywood, McCarthyism, and a young girl. Jessica Malloy was brought up Hollywood all around her. Her father was a PR executive and Ingrid Bergman was one of his talents. Jessica was in awe of her, she was her idol. Jessica was lucky, she got to meet her idol. Not only that, Jessica went to school with her idol's daughter. So, every morning on the way to school, she shared a limousine with Pia, Ingrid's daughter. And every morning, Ingrid would walk her daughter to the car and see her off. Jessica would continue to see her idol off and on several times over her young childhood. Her dad even told Ingrid about his daughter and her idolism for her, inviting her to say hello to his daughter, which she would.

After Jessica left high school, she was done with LA. She had lost her dad, he had died after a massive heart attack at her graduation and her mother had moved to Sacramento. Jessica was now a copy editor for Newsweek magazine. One day, she was surprised to receive an invitation to the Academy Awards. She had no idea who had invited her or how it had happened. She spoke to her best friend, Kathryn, who still resided in LA and who begged her to come out.

Jessica, with no desire to see LA again, finally decided what the heck and traveled back to the city of her upbringing. The surprises she discovered as well as some secrets made Jessica look at things a little differently on her return.

This was a story that I definitely enjoyed. I love Old Hollywood stories. It was fun reading about the stories Jessica and Kathryn were reading in the old gossip magazines about the celebrities. Stories that we now know the truth about and I could only just laugh at them. And to hear about Jessica and Kathryn actually going and seeing movies at Grauman's, oh what a time!

I know this was just fiction, but I was really into it. So if any of my comments make you say, duh, it was fiction, that's how real the author made it feel. So, in my book, she did a great job.

Thanks to Doubleday Books for approving my request and to Net Galley for providing me with a free e-galley in exchange for an honest review.