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Bad Little Girl: A gripping psychological thriller with a BRILLIANT twist - Frances Vick

Yowza! I can definitely say that this was an appropriately titled book. This little girl grew up in what I guess would be called a trailer park, if that city had trailers. All her neighbors would congregate in someone's yard every night and drink beer or whatever. In the morning, everyone would wake and find that yard filled with bottles and cans and no one believed in keeping up appearances and cleaning up after themselves.

The little girl wore dirty clothes and shoes too small. One of her teachers took pity on the girl and tried to help her. She took the girl to her house after school and fed her and walked her home. She also tried to talk to the mother saying that someone in the "trailer park" had been abusing her daughter. The mother just laughed and talked about how many stories the daughter made up. The mother talked about how evil the girl was and that the teacher did not really know her. The teacher felt sorry for the little girl and could not believe the mother would take an adult's side over this poor little girl. Big mistake, big, big mistake.

What happens after that - that's where the title comes into being.

This was a great story. How could a little girl be capable of what her mother was accusing her of? There is absolutely no way. However, the farther you read, the more you wonder. Could this small child possess the ability? An entertaining, scary, unbelievable story of a little girl you have to read to believe.

Thanks to Bookouture for approving my request and to Net Galley for providing me with a free e-galley in exchange for an honest review.