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What You Break (A Gus Murphy Novel) - Reed Farrel Coleman

This was the second book in the Gus Murphy series and while I didn't read the first book, I was able to read this one without a lot of questions. Although the death of his son and his divorce was a big question to which there were answers to in the first book. However, while it was mentioned a lot in this book, it did not take away from what was happening in this one.

Gus, a retired Suffolk County police officer, is working for a slightly above average hotel as a van driver, security and bouncer for their night club. For this he gets a free room and some cash. In this book, his friend Slava, who works at the hotel also, hooks up with a man whom Gus has just driven from the airport. Gus has already determined that this man needs watching. Slava leaves with this man and Gus follows, witnesses an execution and hides Slava in his marital home where no one is currently living. He's not sure what is going on with Slava but isn't interest in getting more involved. Unfortunately, he's not given a choice.

Meanwhile, Gus is called to his old friend's house, Bill, who used to be a clergyman in the church. He is asking Gus to do a job for his friend, Micah Spears. Micah wants to know why his daughter was murdered. They already have the killer, he just wants to know why and the killer isn't talking.

Little does Gus know, but both of these cases puts him not only in hot water, but with a huge target on his back.

This book was definitely entertaining and had me holding my breath a lot. The twists and turns, the road chases, the dangers around every corner, the threats against Gus, the threats against his girlfriend and the attacks on Gus were just a few things that kept my pulse racing. This was an excellent read and I am glad that I got the chance to do so.

Huge thanks to Penguin Group Putnam for approving my request and to Net Galley for providing me with a free e-galley in exchange for an honest review.