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A Darkness Absolute - Kelley Armstrong

I loved this book. I know it was the second in the series. It did refer to the first book in the series which did not keep me from reading this one. However, I still don't know some of the friction or other events that the second one referred to. So that just makes me want to read the first one.

This book dealt with a out of the way town that no one knows about. You have to be invited to live in this town (Rockton). It's a town where abused women, witness protection people, white color crime people, or people that pay a lot that have people looking for them come to live. There is one sheriff and two deputies. There are no doctors. However there is a person trained as an army medic, one trained in EMT services, a psychiatrist and a person trained to look at criminal behavior.

There is also a bar owner/madam and a butcher. Everyone has a job. There is no need for money as everyone is paid and uses credits or rations.

Out of town, there is like 2000 acres of wilderness. There are several settlements, but they are not sanctioned. The people who live there are people who did not like living with rules in Rockton and left the town to start out on their own. There are also people who don't live in a settlement who are on their own.

In this book, the two deputies go looking for a man who has left town without permission. During their search, a huge winter storm comes upon them all of a sudden and they have to look for a place to ride it out. They find a cave and while there, they discover a woman who they thought died over a year ago. She is deep in a hole in the cave where she has been held hostage the whole time. That means someone out there or someone in town has captured her and done this to her.

I really got into this book. I loved the characters and how they all looked out for each other, well most of them. There is one character who is a royal beatch who has nothing but insults for everyone. She doesn't discriminate. But for the most part, people are nice. It's amazing how they have to live. They have no electricity, no fancy gadgets and hardly no outside intervention. It's kind of like an apocalypse book as they are almost the only people around.

I can't wait for the next book in this series. And this book isn't even out yet. Ugh!!

Huge thanks to St. Martin's Press for approving my request and to Net Galley for providing me with a free e-galley in exchange for an honest review.