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The Loyal Heart (A Lone Star Hero's Love Story) - Shelley Shepard Gray

I loved that this one was set in Galveston. I got a little history lesson as well as being entertained. I had no idea that the Tremont and the Strand had been a part of the Island that long. Although I'm sure it all had been rebuilt after the storm of 1900 or was it 1906? Whenever it was, I know there was a huge storm that no one knew along this time period. This was also the first book that I had read that was set in the America's during this time period. It was kind of shocking to me that the whole town had turned against the widow Miranda just because of some rumor.

I won't spoil it for any other readers, but it was pretty much obvious who was behind the letters. One reason was apparent, but the other reason was a much deep, darker, creepier one.

I loved that Miranda's war unit soldiers were there for her and helped her to alleviate a lot of her problems. Namely the big one that her husband was a traitor before he was killed in the war. While this book was rife with helpless women, the main ones stood up and held their ground in a time when it was not becoming. That was another source of the rumors that Miranda had to deal with.

I felt this was a very entertaining read. I thoroughly enjoyed it and learned one major basic thing. I would not have wanted to live on Galveston Island during these times. HA!

Huge thanks to Thomas, Nelson, Zondervan for my big box of books. I know you said I didn't have to read them all. However, I have most of them very interest and enjoyable. A big plus when your sending out presents for people you don't know. As usual, I have posted my reviews on all my major sites.