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The Long Journey to Jake Palmer - James L. Rubart

This was definitely an interesting read. A motivational speaker who had spoken at hundreds of conventions, companies and events had his life totally changed all in one night. All because he tried to be a hero and help a woman who was being harassed by her pimp.

It was really sad what happened to him that night, but he let the scars overcome what he was. He had been a hiker, a mountain bike rider, a marathon runner, even an Ironman. He was not even close to any of those things anymore. As a matter of fact, his wife who he truly loved and thought she truly loved him, for what he was, left him. She couldn't bear the scars and his weaknesses any longer. That one sentence tells you what kind of woman she was, a witch with a capital "B". He felt no longer himself nor a man and was majorly embarrassed of his scars.

On an annual summer outing with his friends, in which this was their decade anniversary, he had decided he was not going. He had went the year before and felt like a fifth wheel, especially when he had to visibly show his scars. However, he met a man on a plane who talked him into changing the locale and told him that would make him feel better. Little did he know that new locale would give his life new meaning. Not exactly what he expected, but healing powers just the same.

I myself, thought the corridor part a little strange, but that's because I'm not a usual sci-fi reader nor a fantasy reader. However, I went on with the flow, it kept me interested. I didn't really understand some of it, until the final visit and then I got that knock you in the head "aha" feeling.

This was really a good read. I sometimes got a little tired of Jake's "woe is me" actions, but who's to know how I would be. To be able to do all of those things and then wham - It's a good day when I'm able to climb stairs. So apparently I needed a little more empathy while reading this book. Still, I kept reading, even thinking the corridor would do what he really wanted, not what he really needed. See, I was thinking fairy tale, duh!

Anyway, I did thoroughly enjoy the book for the most part and did end up loving it at the end. It was definitely entertaining and held my interest. I would most definitely recommend this to my friends.

Thanks to Thomas Zondervan for surprising me with this book in a huge box of books. I loved the opportunity to be able to read and review this book.