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The Candidate (A Newsmakers Novel) - Lis Wiehl, Sebastian Stuart

I am reading this book behind closed doors in my bedroom and just thinking this could happen has every hair on my neck raised and I can't even begin to count the goose pimples. It's like every other chapter someone is being murdered. And the people doing it are nobodies. They are just coming out of the woodwork.

The presidential candidate is looking like a puppet and his wife is looking like she holds the strings.

Erica Sparks is going way out of her way to figure out what exactly is going on with what looks to be the next president. This is definitely a book you cannot put down. With people being killed and others being blackmailed, you just never know what's coming next. I was worn out just keeping up with Erica chasing all the leads trying to figure it all out. The ending with the debate was crazy good. Congrats to Lis Wiehl on a great job.

Thanks to Thomas Zondervan for sending me the book to read and review. I thoroughly enjoyed it!