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A Daughter's Deadly Deception: The Jennifer Pan Story - Jeremy Grimaldi

This was definitely an in depth story of a girl who paid people to kill her parents. It took into account the culture of her race, the way she was being raised, how she was being treated by her parents, how she had been lying to her parents since 9th grade, etc.

It also talked about her psyche, how a person could turn out this way, what could have made her do this and what kind of state she was in at the time she did this.

There was a lot of detail. You can tell that the author spent a lot of time in writing this book.

It is amazing to me that this girl could have done that. It's also amazing how many texts she sent out and the messages that she wrote to her "boyfriend". This girl was definitely cray cray.

It was a good read, I did find my eyes glazing over several times when the author was talking about the culture and tiger woman. However, that's just me. The eerie part was at the very end with her cousin in 2016. That was creepy.

Thanks to Dundurn for approving my request and to Net Galley for providing me with a free e-galley in exchange for an honest review.