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Cut To The Bone - Alex Caan

Woah, there are so many secrets in this book, almost everyone has one and the author keeps alluding to them throughout the whole book. So I was like enthralled. I just had to know. So naturally, I could not put this book down. I mean it starts with this girl being dragged through the woods wearing nothing but a garbage bag, in the dark and left after being beat several times in this murky water. Okay, intriguing.

Then the subplots and twists that kept happening. There was no way to figure out who the suspect was. And, there were many. A vlogger with a couple of million viewers is the girl being dragged. She has just signed a contract with a multi billion dollar company. She has a boyfriend who says in texts "she'll will never leave him, she's his property". An ex-boyfriend who is trying to get her back and is sending her texts. The main police chief who is hiding things. The main police detective who has something screwy going on in her background. Then there is her new recruit who has just been put under her charge who has something going on with him.

There's not totally normal person, let's just say a person leading a normal life, in this whole book.
I could not turn the pages fast enough. This was an excellent read, I was spellbound and definitely one to start early in the day.

Huge thanks to Bonnier Publishing for approving my request and to Net Galley for providing me with a free e-galley in exchange for an honest review. What a nail biter!