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Faithful: A Novel - Alice Hoffman

Get your tissues ready for this one. This is absolutely such a great story.

Two best friends, Shelby and Helene. Helene's boyfriend has broken up with her and she is p'off. She talks Shelby into driving her to his house so she can throw rocks at his windshield. Shelby doesn't want to go. Helene begs until Shelby says okay. Here's part of the irony - for the most part Helene always wears a seat belt, Shelby rarely wears one. That night Shelby wore hers, Helene didn't. They get into a really bad accident. Shelby barely makes it. Helene is living in a coma on a life support machine.

Shelby goes way dark and deep into depression is put into a mental hospital, she tries to kill herself, she has a touch couple of years. She blames herself for Helene's condition.

This is the story of Shelby learning to live again. The trials and tribulations she goes through. Not once does she go see Helene. She receives postcards from a stranger telling her "Stay Strong" "Help Someone" "Find Something" and others.

I know the part about her going into depression and the dark sounds boring, but it's the part about her finding herself and finally smiling and laughing. The things that she does are somewhat unusual, sometimes crazy, sometimes so tender and sometimes just downright hilarious.

Shelby is a character you will never forget. She is so flawed that you love her. The author did a great job writing her character and the story. I cannot say enough about how much I loved this book! I could not put it down and I definitely did not want it to end. Thank you Alice Hoffman for giving me such great entertainment on such a lovely fall day.

Thanks to Simon & Schuster and Net Galley for providing me with a free e-galley in exchange for an honest review.