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The Second Winter - Craig Larsen
This was a different point of view from most of the books I've been reading about WWII. This one tells the story of people helping the Jews escape from the Germans. While they are able to escape and live, they are still miserable treated, at least by Frederik Grergerson. They are delivered to the sea and put on boats which deliver them to other ports of safety. However, if Frederik thinks they have something of value, he will take it and send them on their way. That is how he ends up with a satchel filled with jewelry made of precious stones.

That satchel is where most of the trouble begins. Also, Frederik is an arse, the biggest.

The story goes back and forth from 1940 - 1941 to 1969. The story was very well written and there were moments when I was holding my breath, hoping that the Germans would not find the person they were looking for. And other moments when I was yelling at the characters "NO, don't do that". That is how much I was into this book. I was so into it that I could not put it down. When it was over, I found myself saying "now what?".

This was a great thriller that produced goose pimples, yelling at the characters, breath holding, a couple of wish slappings and all in all quality entertainment. My kind of book. Thanks Craig Larsen for providing that.

Also huge thanks to Other Press for approving my request and to Net Galley for providing me with a free e-galley in exchange for an honest review.