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Dear Mr. M: A Novel - Herman Koch

This was my second book by Herman Koch and I must say he definitely has a different style of writing and I mean that in a good way. For some, it can be tedious, but I like it.

In this book, he starts off talking about an author and he's not always so complimentary about him. This goes on for several chapters. Then all of a sudden, he is talking about a group of teenagers and it seems to be coming out of left field. Then it's back to the author and about how he has married a woman who is about half his age and how the author has one foot in the grave and another one on a banana peel, then back to the teenagers. All along I was wondering what in the heck is this story about the teenagers doing in here.

Lo and behold the puzzle pieces start to fit and I discovered why they were in this book.

I really enjoyed reading this book, as I said though, it is rather tedious and can be slow in several places. However, if you can stay with it, it is definitely worth the time. There are some great laugh out loud moments and some jaw dropping moments.

Huge thanks to Crown Publishing and Net Galley for providing me with a free e-galley in exchange for an honest review.