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The Memory of Things - Gae Polisner

I found this book to be a very emotional story about the falling of the Twin Towers. Kyle, who's father is part of the response team and whose school is very close to Ground Zero is ushered along with many of his classmates across the Brooklyn Bridge away from the chaos. While on the bridge, he finds a mysterious girl wearing wings who looks about to jump. He grabs her and makes her come home with him.

Over the next few days, she is very polite, but very quiet and still mysterious. A relationship grows and when everything finally comes out into the open, he realizes why.

There are parts of the book that are confusing - lines of verse, sometimes just one word, that highlight the girls feeling, really mean nothing while reading the story. They are clues that sometimes mean something to the reader and sometimes not. However, at the end of the book, all the pieces come together and you understand a lot more.

The story is more than just the falling of the Towers. It deals with peoples tragedies that were already ongoing and how, for some, this was just another casualty in their life. Basically just another notch in every teenager's life while coming of age and growing up. (Not belittling the falling of the Towers at all here).

I think this was a great YA book and I think some adults will enjoy it as well.

Thanks to St. Martin's Press and Net Galley for providing me with a free e-galley in exchange for an honest review.