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The 7th Canon - Robert Dugoni

Wow! I was interrupted many times while trying to read this book. Which is one way to say I'm pretty sure I would not have been able to put this book down had I not been. I kept wondering throughout reading this book, "Did I miss something the night that Bennett was killed?". It seemed to me that the priest only found the body and that was all. Next thing I know he's up for murder. What the heck happened. I was glad to find out that no, I did not miss anything. There were a lot of behind the scenes action going on which came to light while reading this book.

This book was absolutely a great read. There was no way anyone could figure out what was going on until the latter part of the story. And what a story it was. So much corruption and lying and the people involved was disgusting. There are so many bad guys, it's hard to tell the good ones from the bad ones.

I have read Robert Dugoni before and once I saw his name on another book I could request, I did not waste a minute pushing that button, hoping to be approved. Once approved, I was not disappointed after reading this.

A fantastic read that I definitely recommend and I also recommend starting this early in the day. It will keep you up.

Thanks Thomas and Mercer for approving my request and to Net Galley for providing me with a free e-galley in exchange for an honest review.