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Die Like an Eagle - Donna Andrews

#DIELIKEANEAGLE   This was another great Meg Lanslow book. This one revolved around baseball. I am still scratching my head about how they can get a picnic for 100 people together in about an hour, but hey, it's fiction and apparently there were already 50 people coming, so what's another 50. HA!

Speaking of baseball, yes the twins are signed up to play summer league. Little does Meg and Michael know its a tight click and a lot of the rules aren't in the rule book. Not when you have a new self-proclaimed dictator heading up the league. Meg goes to bat having memorized the rule book and naturally, she and the dictator do not get along.

However, murder does come along in the form of a victim who just happens to bear close resemblance to the dictator. Yep, it's his brother. Was he the intended target? Or was the dictator?

This was a fun, entertaining, cozy little mystery that I just zipped right on through. While there wasn't a real eagle in the book, per se, there was a team called the Eagles. Definitely worth taking a gander at.

Thanks St. Martin's Press and Net Galley for the free e-galley in exchange for an honest review.