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Mr. Eternity - Aaron Thier

#MRETERNITY  AVAILABLE 8/9/16   Wow, this was definitely an interesting book. I'm still not really sure if I believe this man was really that old. It seemed that the stories he told were repeated over and over. Some of the stories were interesting and some of them were not. There were times when this book was interesting and times when it was not. I read the whole thing. I think I was just waiting for it to get to the really good part. While it was an okay read, there never was a really good part.

The spelling and the stories were confusing at times as well. Sometimes I was unsure as to who was speaking, until I read a little further and the names of the other characters involved would let me know.

I would say all in all that this was a different story. I think some people would like it, but for me, it was just okay.

Thanks Bloomsbury and Net Galley for a free e-galley in exchange for an honest review..