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A Good-Looking Corpse: A Tom Tanner Mystery - Jeff Klima

#AGOOD-LOOKINGCORPSE  AVAILABLE 7/26/16  4 STARS!   This was such an entertaining book. It read kind of like an old time crime novel, but it was present day. The main character, Tom, was a clean up guy. He cleaned up the grisly scenes after a death, no matter the cause.

Somehow he gets involved with this rather morbid and grotesque film producer (he saves famous skulls) who wants to be his friend and who wants to do a movie about him and his life. I'm sitting there reading this book and thinking "what a horrible, dull, boring movie that would be". Then I find out there are other, not so legal, motives involved. Meanwhile, Tom has pissed off a street gang that wants him dead. So Tom is spending most of his time looking everywhere he goes for some kind of a trap.

This was a really good book with lots of humor thrown into the story. He comes up with some pretty funny ways to try and get the bad guys. Of course, there are the serious moments as well.

I really enjoyed reading this book and would read more by this author. I liked the writing style and the character development. Definitely recommendable.

Thanks Random House and Net Galley for the free e-galley in exchange for an honest review.