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The Light of Paris - Eleanor Brown

#THELIGHTOFPARIS  AVAILABLE 7/12/16  AWESOME READ  4 STARS!  This was such a great story. I absolutely loved it. A social class where you are expected to follow your family traditions. One of those being marrying someone who can benefit your family and its future generations. Love does not fit into the equation. It is something that comes through time spent together (tolerance) not a feeling.

A story of three generations with focus on the present generation and her grandmother's journals. While not a suspense or mystery, I still could not put it down. Why didn't Madeline's grandmother end up with her true love? I had to know.

A beautifully written story with great characters that I was sad to have to close the cover on. I sincerely was not ready to say goodbye to these folks. Well, I was definitely ready, past ready to say goodbye to Phillip. I'm seriously thinking his name should have been Richard. Ha!! I highly recommend this book!

Thanks Putnam and Net Galley for providing me with a free e-galley in exchange for an honest review.