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Age of Consent: A Novel - Marti Leimbach

#AGEOFCONSENT AVAILABLE 7/26/16  GREAT READ!  4 STARS!  This was a very creepy book. More one of the characters than the actual story. The story line topic was a disgusting crime. I'm pretty sure it's not one of those you can't put down. It was a creative and imaginative story with a very manipulative character. It's scary that there are those kind of people out there. And then the mother, crazy.

I will have to say though and I'm trying to say this so there is no spoiler. But, if Bobbie had just told them what was sticking out of his eye, that would have been proof. Apparently, that was not the ending the author was going for. Most certainly, too obvious.

Anyway, I enjoyed reading this book and while I wasn't crazy about part of the ending, I was glad about another part of the ending. Now, after reading this paragraph, makes you want to jump up and go get it, right? HA!

Thanks Doubleday Books and Net Galley for providing me with a free e-galley in exchange for an honest review.