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All the Time in the World: A Novel - Caroline Angell

#ALLTHETIMEINTHEWORLD  AVAILABLE 7/12/16  GET OUT THE TISSUES!  GREAT READ!  4 STARS!  @CareJaneAngell @HenryHolt  This was another great book that I did not want to put down. I felt so sorry for most of the characters involved in this book. Sorry for the husband that lost his wife. Sorry for the babysitter that lost her regular life. Sorry for the poor kids that this happened to. I could not imagine having to go through with that.

It was such a good story and beautifully written with strong characters. Well, the dad was totally out of his league, but it was a whole new world to him, so you really can't blame him. The little boys were so cute as well. I can't believe a child doesn't talk until age 2 or 3 and then just starts speaking in complete sentences. That was crazy! And Pup, that was really sad. Yeah, you will probably need tissues for this one as well.