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We Could Be Beautiful: A Novel - Swan Huntley

#WECOULDBEBEAUTIFUL  AVAILABLE 6/28/16  SLEEK, WELL WRITTEN DEBUT  5 STARS!   @swanhuntely @doubledaybooks  Wow, this was like taking a ride in a sleek (and I say sleek because this story is sleekly written) convertible. You'd be going down a road and start to turn turn down one alley, you get a premise of a plot line, but no, your back on the road again. Then another alley comes up, same scenario. Over and over again. I had no idea at times where this book was taking me. At one point, I saw a scene from 50 Shades of Grey down one of those alleys. Thankfully it was only a short trip.

I think Swan Huntley did one heck of a job with this book. There was no doubt I was engrossed in this book. And the plot twists, CRAZY! I am so excited that I saw and requested this book. Thanks Doubleday and Net Galley for the free e-galley.