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A Dangerous Age - Kelly Killoren Bensimon

#ADANGEROUSAGE   AVAILABLE 6/7/16  4 STARS!  Wow, at first I was like okay this is really hard to get into. A lot of characters and why do authors have to name their characters with the same consonants? And then when they start using nicknames? My mind just goes on overload. That being said, once I FINALLY figured out who everyone was, I really got into this book. (Definitely over my 100 page limit) The mysterious texts, the copycat picture, who was Odin? and the way Lucy would let Titus treat her? That right there serious got my palm up and ready for some serious slapping. Although I thought I knew early on who the textor was and I did! (Get yourself and see if you can guess!)

Like I said, it took a while, but I did get into it. There was pieces of mystery involved that really wanted to make me read further. If "Bye Felicia".

Huge thanks to Gallery, Threshold Books for approving me and to Net Galley for providing me with a free e-galley in exchange for an honest review!